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Del. Johnny Mautz is an attorney and runs the Carpenter Street Saloon in St. Michaels, a restaurant owned by the Mautz family since 1979.

100% Pro-Life

100% Pro-Business

100% Pro-Gun Rights

100% Pro-Tax Relief

100% Eastern Shore Values

As Senator, Johnny Mautz will lead the fight to cut taxes, end government mandates, oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools, and work to protect our elections.


Vote Johnny Mautz for State Senate on November 8th, 2022.

Second Amendment

As a sportsman, avid hunter, and proud supporter of the NRA, Johnny will stand in defense of the Second Amendment.

Tax Relief Now

Inflation and government spending are out of control. In the State Senate, Johnny will lead the charge to cut taxes on Eastern Shore families and businesses, and reign in government spending.

Support Police

In the State Senate, Johnny will fight progressive calls to defund police and law enforcement. Johnny will continue to support our officers and to support public safety.

Oppose CRT

As your State Senator, Johnny will fight to ban the teaching of Critical Race theory and will support the rights of parents in education.


Johnny operates his family's small business of 32 years. He will fight for small and independent businesses in the State Senate.


Johnny Mautz is an avid sportsman and conservationist, and supports efforts to preserve the Chesapeake Bay and our precious environmental resources.

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Eastern Shore families are tired of being overtaxed and the endless growth of government.

Johnny will stand up and fight for Eastern Shore values and principles in the Maryland State Senate.

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This Is Our Time

For too long, the Eastern Shore has been without real conservative leadership in the Maryland State Senate.

We need an effective fighter who will stand up to the progressives and fight for Eastern Shore values and principles.

There is no one better suited to represent Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot, and Wicomico Counties in the Maryland State Senate than Johnny.

Johnny will bring new conservative ideas and energy based on Eastern Shore values and principles to the Maryland State Senate.

On Election Day, Tuesday, November 8th, vote:

Johnny Mautz for State Senate

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