Controversial Maryland Gun Control Bill SB1 scaled back in scope

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MARYLAND – A controversial gun control bill in the Maryland State Senate is being scaled back, but not far enough for opponents and gun rights advocates, including State Senator Johnny Mautz.

Senator Mautz worries the bill would restrict what areas those with wear and carry gun permits would be able to do just that.

After a late-night work session, Mautz tells 47 ABC that new language was added to the bill to roll back some restrictions, on where the permits would not be accepted and as adding less harsh penalties for non-compliance.

However, Senator Mautz says the measure, in any form, unfairly targets law-abiding gun owners.

“The new language is still an unacceptable restriction for wear and carries permit holders, the hearing was well attended with 300 witnesses it ended at 12 they worked until the late hours, and I’m not sure what the next steps will be,” Senator Mautz said.

Senator Mautz feels the bill is still too harsh regarding penalties for noncompliance, citing that permit owners had to clear a background check and pass a course before being certified.

But the senator says with a democratic majority in the Senate and House, the mostly Republican Eastern Shore delegation doesn’t have enough votes to stop the bill.

He says he foresees a lengthy legal battle in the courts if the measure were to be passed.

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