Governor Wes Moore Announces His Proposal Called ‘Advanced Clean Cars II’

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Annapolis, Md. – In a speech Monday afternoon Governor Wes Moore announced his proposal for an ’emission free’ Maryland.

In a speech, Governor Wes Moore proposed ‘Advanced Clean Cars II’. Moore says his bill mandates that all new cars sold in Maryland are to be zero emission by 2035. He went on to say his effort to cut the biggest source of green house gas in Maryland will leave no one behind.

“Electric cars are the future. And I want to make sure that everyone and anyone can and will be part of that future: Working parents, stay-at-home moms, white-collar bankers, factory floor workers, teachers and doctors, ministers and mechanics. This transition need sot be strategic, robust, equitable, and inclusive all at the same time,” says Moore.

The Governor Moore says he expects the state to cut about 75% of vehicle emissions over the next few decades.

However, with Marylanders there does not seem to be a ‘middle of the road’ opinion on the Governors plan.

State Senator Johnny Mautz says he has concerns on how this change will affect those on the Eastern Shore. “Jumping to a mandate by 2035 to require everyone to drive electric vehicles is going to create some hardship and especially some financial pain. The reality is, is that our lifestyle over here is not the same as it is in Baltimore or Montgomery county,” says Mautz.

Maryland driver, Alexander King says it’s a concern for those who are driving around and hauling heavy equipment. He says, “if you’re running a landscape company, you’re running from house, to house, to house and all around town. You’re burning a tank of fuel a day if not more sometimes. What’s the battery life on that?”

But others feel it’s the best and greenest step forward.

Maryland Director For Chesapeake Climate Action Network, Jamie DeMarco says, “It’s incredible that today, already, electric vehicles are cheaper than internal combustion vehicles over the lifetime of a vehicle because electricity is so much cheaper than gas. The more we can get electric vehicles on the road, the more we are saving Marylanders money.”

Maryland driver, Rachel Eure agrees. She says, “I care about the environment. I can see myself driving an electric vehicle just because I think it’s the next step.”

Governor Moore says the proposed regulation is moving through the states Air Quality Control Advisory Council. The process for the regulation to be passed includes a public hearing at some point.

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