Senator Mautz Sponsors Senate Bill For Speed Cameras In Oxford

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OXFORD, Md. – A potential solution to speeding on one road in Oxford.

Neighbors in Oxford say Route 333 isn’t a Nascar dragstrip. It’s the gateway to a small town with a 25 mile an hour limit.

Neighbor Ryan Knowles on Bonfield Ave. says, “I’ve seen people go 60 mph. There’s been people just flying on the road blaring music and I’ve almost gotten hit multiple times while walking my dogs. The dogs almost have gotten hit, my mother has almost gotten hit, and my grandparents too. You shouldn’t be doing 45-60 mph down Oxford Rd. There is a speed limit there for a reason.

Michael Greenhawk, who lives on Oxford road says he’s concerned for his family. He says, “A lot of the trucks that come out of town do over 50 mph as they’re leaving. I have two small kids so I have to worry about them getting close to the street and possibly getting struck.”

While the town has speed monitors right before you get to town, critics say they aren’t working.

What is the solution? Senator Johnny Mautz is sponsoring Senate Bill 303 for speed cameras at the intersection of Oxford Rd. and Bonfield Ave. He says this has already gone through the general assembly quite a few times but it’s a concern worth fighting for.

Mautz says, “we have a number of projects underway to calm traffic to go into the Town of Oxford. However, they have minimal impact and a last ditch move to actually bring the hammer down and to control traffic going into the town is to move forward with the speed cameras.”

He added, “This is not in any way to drive up any type of revenue, or anything like that. Whatever is generated will go back to projects for road improvements in the town of Oxford.

Big concerns in a small town.

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